Yesterday was d-day for YG’s newest girl group 2NE1 as they released their first single Fire. Composed of CL, Dara, Minji and Park Bom, this group has two versions of their music video, the Space and the Street versions.

I am not a big fan of girl groups but I’ve been waiting for their debut because Sandara Park is in it. I want to see how much she has improved in the last four years that she has been training under YG who also handles Big Bang and Se7en.

The song is catchy but I think the chorus is a bit weak. I loved the beats of the intro better. My personal fave for now is Park Bom because she has a clear, wonderful voice. I wonder how their live performance on May 17 will sound since Sandara’s voice is synthesized here.

Watch their MVs below. Credit goes to YGladies@youtube for the videos.

Space Version

Street Version

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