KSS tries to return the plane tickets that Cyrus gave her. Cyrus consoles her so KSS thinks that everything is well between them. She tells him that she thought she saw him with Hannah the other night. Cyrus, who’s now feeling guilty, tries to tell her the truth but his mom and Marcus show up.

Dr. Henry asks Hannah out for coffee but she refuses. He makes her feel guilty that he’s risking his medical license by pretending that she has cancer and then blackmails her so she would go out with him. Hannah halfheartedly agrees to go out for drinks.

Back at the restaurant, Cyrus’s mom reveals to KSS that Hannah and her son are back together. KSS asks Cyrus whether this is true and Cyrus admits it.

Kokoy talks to Eliza and tells her off for being rude to her mom.

KSS walks out and Cyrus runs after her. She finally ends their contract relationship and leaves for good.

KSS contemplates on her luck with guys. She wonders if she’d ever find true love.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’s mom reassures him that ending his relationship with KSS is the right thing. However, Cyrus looks sad and doesn’t want to talk about it. Hannah shows up.

While pigging out, KSS tells Maureen about her breakup with Cyrus. Maureen advices her to take care of herself so others would respect her.

Amber asks Cyrus why he seems to be depressed. She wonders if it’s because KSS is not around.

KSS thinks seriously about losing weight. She contemplates on getting a liposuction and imagines herself with a slimmer body.

Cyrus and Hannah take a stroll. She asks Cyrus if he wants to go out and Cyrus tells her they could bring Amber with them. But Hannah rejects the idea, saying Amber may have to sleep late if they tag her along and that they need to spend time alone. Cyrus seems disappointed.

KSS decides to lose weight to get Cyrus back.

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