Cyrus throws away the stuffed pig. Chris reports to him about KSS’s date.

Meantime, Sonia is worried about Eliza and wants her to come back home.

In school, Eliza confronts Ivy. She learns that it was the maid who told Ivy about her secret. Eliza realizes that she’s wrong about Kokoy.

Meanwhile, KSS’s date with Vincent is going well. KSS is charmed by Vincent as he tells her that she doesn’t really need to lose weight. However, KSS gets a shock when Cyrus shows up.

Eliza gets into a fight with Ivy. Aaron stops them from pulling each other’s hair. Eliza regrets ever wanting to join their group.

Cyrus makes a scene and pretends to be KSS’s husband. He even tells Vincent that KSS is pregnant. Vincent is furious and leaves.

Eliza regrets accusing Kokoy of betraying her. She goes to talk to him but sees him with Des.

Hannah learns that Cyrus didn’t accept KSS’s resignation. She consults with Cyrus’s mom about this.

KSS is mad at Cyrus. She tells her that Vincent may be her last hope so Cyrus should stop pestering her. Cyrus then tells KSS that he doesn’t want to see her with other men. She asks whether he’s being jealous because he loves her but Cyrus doesn’t respond. KSS leaves him.

Chris wonders if Cyrus is really in love with KSS. Cyrus leaves to look for KSS.

KSS wanders around the mall thinking about Cyrus. Cyrus sees her and screams that he’s in love with her.

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