Okay, before everyone get their hopes up, I’d like to say that as of this writing, KBS has not made any announcement yet about any “Boys Over Flowers Special.” Given that awful April Fool’s joke about a special, I’m trying my best to take this bit of news with a grain of salt. But I still can’t help but be thrilled at the prospect.

This video shows some never before seen footage of my boys (I just love the sound of it!) in what appears to be a “Boys Over Flowers Special” to be shown on April 28 (Tuesday). It shows the F4 visiting their old school Shinhwa. Goo Jun Pyo seems to be preparing for a special date. So Yi Jung is shown carrying a bouquet of flowers. Song Woo Bin embraces a girl (He gets one finally!). And Yoon Ji Hoo seems to be preoccupied with a Geum Jan Di inspired snowman. But where’s Goo Hye Sun?

Some sources say that the special is actually a 25-minute music video. Personally, I’d take anything BOF-related just to get me out of this depressing BOF-less world.

UPDATE: We get a semi-confirmation! Check this out.

On other BOF-related news, the taped guesting of F4 and Goo Hye Sun in the Japanese TV show SMAP x SMAP will be shown on April 27 (Monday) on Fuji TV at 10 p.m. Japan time (9 p.m. RP time). If you have TVAnts, you can go watch it there.

Meanwhile, check out the teaser for the “special” and judge for yourselves.

Credits: This YouTube channel, Boys Over Flowers Soompi Thread, HYDKOREA

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