No pandemic can stop BTS and their Army. The K-pop group will be holding the live concert “Map of the Soul: ON:E” in Seoul on October 10 and 11. The BTS concert will play simultaneously online and offline, with only limited seats to practice social distancing. Big Hit Entertainment will be announcing other details later including the venue and ticket sales.

It has been almost a year since BTS’ last offline concert “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final],” which was held in Seoul. The group’s “Map of the Soul Tour” was suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last June 14, 756,000 fans from more than 100 countries watched BTS’ online concert “Bang Bang Con: The Live.” The concert, which was livestreamed from Seoul, set a Guinness record for most viewers of a music concert livestream.

New single

While fans await further announcement about the group’s upcoming concert, Big Hit Entertainment has released a group teaser photo for BTS’ new single “Dynamite.”

“Dynamite” group teaser photo (Big Hit Entertainment)

The single, slated to drop on August 21, is said to be an English upbeat song. Teaser photos of individual members have also been released, drumming up the excitement for their new single.

New show

Meanwhile, we will be able to see more of BTS starting this month as their reality show “In The SOOP” will premiere on August 19 on JTBC.

Scenes from the BTS reality show “In the SOOP,” premiering on August 19 on JTBC

“Soop” means forest in Korean and the show will feature the seven members in an outdoor vacation setting, taking a much-needed rest and reconnecting with their inner selves. The teasers show them in a beautiful lakeside, doing all sorts of outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, cooking, communing with nature, and of course, playing music.

New game

Despite the pandemic, there’s no stopping BTS from conquering the universe not just with their music but with the upcoming “BTS Universe Story” mobile game. The game, which is a collaboration between BTS and Netmarble, will be released in the third quarter of this year.

With their idols’ never-ending projects, BTS Army sure are the luckiest fans on earth.

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