Long before Boys Over Flowers, I’ve already seen Kim So Eun in the movie Fly Daddy Fly.  I didn’t know it was her back then but I do remember telling myself that the girl was very pretty. I initially watched the movie because of Lee Jun Ki who became my crush since seeing him in The King and the Clown (which is a good movie by the way.) I ended up appreciating this movie, not because of Jun Ki’s kick-ass martial arts moves but because of the Kim  So Eun’s dad who sacrificed for his daughter.  Don’t worry, this movie ended happily.


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  1. Wow I havent seen this movie. I do like Kim So Eun and she was really great in BOF and Princess Chu Chu so I am looking for her old movies and it seems that she is really a beauty even before and a great actress too . Although I wish she will have a drama with Kim Bum again

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