Maki as Chisato

Horikita Maki, one of Japan’s popular young actresses, plays an unconventional role once again in the spring drama entitled Atashinchi No Danshi.

Maki plays Chisato, a girl who grew up without a mother and was left with a large debt after her father died. Homeless and always running from loan sharks, she lived in internet cafes everyday. But her life made a huge turn after a rich man characterized by veteran actor Kusakari Masao offered to pay for her father’s debts. In exchange, she has to be the “mother” to six of his sons played by Jun Kaname, Osamu Mukai, Yoshinori Okada, Yusuke Yamamoto, Kohji Seto and Tomoki Okayama.

What will happen to this odd family? Watch out for their story starting tonight at 9:00pm over at Fuji TV.

Watch the trailer below:

credits to: aice92@youtube for the trailer

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