Here are some of our favorite K-drama quotes from the Korean dramas we’ve watched:

Turning a blind eye makes us part of the problem, no matter how impossible the circumstance. If we choose to do nothing, then we are no different than those who oppress us.

Jang Tae-sang, “Gyeongseong Creature”

I learned wishes don’t always come true right away. They don’t come true when you want them to, they take a long time. You forget about them… So don’t just cut ties just because you don’t like them, and don’t give up even if it gets tough. Stay strong, endure it, and hang in there. And then one day, your wishes will come true in unexpected ways.

Seo Mok-ha, “Castaway Diva”

There’s no scale that can measure who’s hurting more, and there’s no one who can judge that. No one has the right to judge others’ pain, and we have no duty to have it acknowledged by others… If you’re hurting, just accept it. Only you know how much you’re hurting.

Eun Gyeol, “Twinkling Watermelon”

The truth won’t win you any friends, you know.

Yoon Si-hyeon, “Celebrity”

The world may stab you in the back. But by having the right person by you, either a lover or a family member, you will never fail.

– Lee Yeon, “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”

Finding the truth isn’t something you give up on.

– Nam Han-joon, “Cafe Minamdang”

Those losses were blocks to build yourself stairs leading up. Think about it. Now you’ve got the highest staircase.

– Back Yi-jin, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”

You’re bound to meet unexpected situations in life. Even if you use an umbrella, you’ll end up getting drenched. Just put your hands up and welcome the rain.

– Hong Du-sik, “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”

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