We’ve seen him in many beloved supporting roles but “Queen of Divorce” on Viu Philippines elevates Kang Ki-young (“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”) to leading man status. Starring opposite Lee Ji-ah (“Penthouse,” “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”), Kang Ki-young charms his way into viewers’ hearts. The lead star of “Queen of Divorce” talks about his latest project and what it’s like to portray a romantic lead.

He’s familiar to many as Attorney Woo Young-woo’s mentor Jung Myung-seok in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” This time, Kang Ki-young plays the role of a not so ordinary lawyer in “Queen of Divorce.”

“Dong Gi-jun is a passionate and tenacious lawyer, a former prosecutor who, like a shepherd, once bites and never lets go. In addition to such tenacity, the character plays a romantic role, deeply dedicated to love,” Kang Ki-young describes his role, who’s an advisor to a divorce solution company called “Solution.” Together with Kim Sara, played by Lee Ji-ah, they provide unorthodox solutions to divorce cases.

Playing another lawyer role, we’re curious to know whether the scripts were difficult to digest and memorize.   

“For ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ there were many courtroom scenes, so there were also many legal terms. However, with ‘Queen of Divorce,’ there were more everyday conversations, making it easier to familiarize myself with the script (laughs).”

Kang Ki-young transforms into a leading man in ‘Queen of Divorce’

Kang Ki-young is familiar to many K-drama fans for playing beloved supporting roles such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’s aspiring actor uncle to Attorney Woo Young-woo’s sunbaenim. However, we see a different side of him as he plays a lead role in “Queen of Divorce.” So how does he handle the pressure?

“Although I mentioned the pressure of being a lead actor in every interview, looking back, I realize there was never a moment when I didn’t feel the burden when entering any project. It always feels like a happy pressure to provide joy to the audience as an actor and sometimes endure harsh criticism. I will always strive to repay with excellent acting performances.”

Kang Ki-young is the tenacious lawyer Dong Gi-jun in “Queen of Tears.” Viu Philippines

Aside from headlining the drama with Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young explores the not so familiar world of the romantic lead. So how was it like to act in romantic scenes?

“Expressing the passionate heart of a lover that repeats in the past and present felt unfamiliar to me. It was initially awkward and embarrassing to convey the emotion embedded in the script after looking and feeling enough. However, as Dong Gijun, I was able to look at Kim Sara with affectionate eyes soon.”

As for their onscreen chemistry, Kang Ki-young says he owes it to his partner Lee Ji-ah.

“I believe that one of the major strengths is the delightful charm of actress Lee Ji-ah, which was hidden but expressed within the drama. As for myself, I think it’s about ‘seeping into the viewers’ heart with comfort’ (laughs).”

Let Kang Ki-young seep into your hearts in “Queen of Divorce” now streaming on Viu Philippines.

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