Nami Island could very well be the mecca for all Korean drama fans.  After all, this is the setting of some of the scenes in Winter Sonata which started the Korean Wave.  Being big Winter Sonata fans, me and my friends decided to visit this iconic place once and for all when we went to Korea autumn last year.

Our timing could never be more perfect with the island teeming with color because of the season.  We could see trees with green, yellow, orange and red leaves.  It was really wonderful and we felt happy that we were able to see the beauty of the island.  The only downside was that there were really a lot of people.  Most were tourists but some I think, went there for a field trip because they are wearing similar shirts and have picnic baskets.  It was quite difficult to find a spot where there are no people to take pictures so what we did was to go away from the usual route and traversed a different path.

We didn’t join a tour group so we went there by ourselves.  We took the subway to Cheongnyangni Station and then went to Lotte Department store which is adjacent to the Korail train station.  We bought tickets going to Gapyeong and arrived there after more than an hour traveling.  It’s not that long because we were able to enjoy the countryside scenery (before I fell asleep).  Anyway, after arriving at the station, we took the taxi to the port where we will take the boat to Nami Island.  The taxi drivers already know where we are going so I was spared from speaking my broken Korean.  The boat ride lasted for 5-10 minutes and then finally, we arrived. Yey!

Here are the pics that we took.

Train station to Gapyeong, near the Lotte Department Store.
Ticket to Nami Island
The stone where a poem by Gen. Nami was written. The island was named after him.
Ostriches roam the island freely. I was able to get really close but I had to run away because I thought it was going to attack the dog that was barking on it. And I learned in school that Ostriches are fast runners so yeah…
The path lined with metasequioa trees, a kind of a redwood. They are really tall and the island has lots of them. This is just one of part of the island.
The bicycle ridden by the actors from the drama. It’s not well maintained though. T_T
Dolls inside the Unicef house. You can buy them and help a child.
Seeing this assured me that I’m really in Nami Island. <3
and more trees!
I love the autumn colors!
This yellow tree really caught my attention…
View from the ferry…
The replica of the snowman that was created during the first time Jun Sang and Yoo Jin first kissed. It was originally located beside the river but now, it is beside the Winter Sonata Gallery. I was sad to see it so dirty and full of vandalism. T_T
Here’s the original scene from the drama Winter Sonata.
Outside the Winter Sonata cafe.
It was before the G20 summit so even the island was being prepared for it.
Last picture related to trees.

Last picture related to trees.

If you wanna go there the same way we did, here’s the breakdown of the expenses (one way):
Korail Train from Cheongnyangni to Gapyeong – 3,800 won.
Taxi – 4,000-5,000 won
Ferry ride – 8,000 won

There’s also a shuttle bus directly to Nami from Insadong.  You need to book it a week beforehand though because it is always full. For more details, click this link to the Visit Korea website.