After years of her husband’s infidelity, a scorned Goodwill Ambassador begins to fall in love with her mysterious bodyguard in “Red Swan” — a new Korean drama coming on July 3 exclusively to Disney+.

While Oh Wan-soo and her husband Kim Yong-kook might seem like the perfect couple, there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye. The heir to one of Korea’s top conglomerates, Yong-kook has long been unfaithful to Wan-soo. Well aware of her husband’s affairs, Wansoo has worked hard to try and keep their marriage together, but when a mysterious new bodyguard appears as part of her protection detail, her loyalties will be tested for the first time. Somehow familiar, Seo Do-yoon is sworn to keep Wan-soo safe, but could his appearance and an ulterior motive end up threatening everything Wansoo has worked so hard for?

“Red Swan” stars Kim Ha-neul (“A Gentleman’s Dignity,” “On Air”) as former professional golfer and current Goodwill Ambassador Oh Wansoo; Jung Ji-hoon, also known as Rain (“Ghost Doctor,” “Ninja Assassin”) as Seo Do-yoon, a bodyguard with a secondary mission; Jung Gyu-woon (“The Spies,” “You Are Too Much”) as heir to the Hwain Group and serial adulterer Kim Yong-kook; and Seo Yi-sook (“Rookie Cops,” “Knight Flower”) as Park Mi-ran, the CEO of the Hwain Group. The series is directed by Park Hong-kyun (“A Korean Odyssey,” “Warm and Cozy”) and written by Choi Yoon-jung (“Only Love,” “Three Sisters”).

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“Red Swan” arrives this July 3, exclusively on Disney+.

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