This entry is completely non-related to Asian dramas or music. However, we just can’t resist sharing this video because it has become an inspiration to a lot of people.

SUSAN BOYLE is a contestant in the reality show Britain’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell of American Idol as one of the judges.  She is the current youtube phenomenon with more than 30 million viewers watching her video in one channel alone since it was uploaded last April 11. There are at least 10 users who have uploaded the same video and also received the same overwhelming response.  So what made her very famous?

I agree when one commentator from a news channel said that Susan Boyle exceeded everyone’s expectations. When she stood on the stage with a wild smile on her face, the audience didn’t know that the 47 year old woman had an amazing voice that could bring tears to the eyes of anyone who is listening.  We all know how a talent show works, you need to have the looks and the talent and Susan, honestly, did not look like a star.  But when she opened her mouth and belted her heart out singing I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, everyone was astonished and she received a standing ovation afterwards.

Some comments in youtube said that Susan became famous because she is not beautiful and yet she oozes with talent .  She would have been called another wannabe star if she was pretty and has an amazing voice.   Although these users had a point, I believe that Susan rose to popularity not only because of her powerful, crystal clear voice but because of her ability to inspire others to also reach for their dreams.  Despite being at the prime of her life, she did what she loved to do and gathered all her guts to enter a competition.  She set aside her aspiration of becoming a singer because she preferred to take care of her mother but years after, it is now her turn to shine.  Indeed, it is never too late to listen to what your heart says and Susan Boyle did just that. 

Here’s the video clip from YT since embedding was disabled. 🙁

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