Viu, PCCW’s leading panregional OTT video streaming service, achieved remarkable results in Q4 2020 according to a report from AMPD Research, a subsidiary of Media Partners Asia (MPA).

Key highlights of the report*:

  • Viu ranks first in aggregate monthly active users among premium major video streaming platforms in Southeast Asia (which includes Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand for the purposes of the report).
  • Viu ranks second in paid subscribers and streaming minutes among major streaming platforms in Southeast Asia.
  • In Indonesia and Singapore, Viu ranks second in monthly active users, paid subscribers and total streaming minutes.
  • In the Philippines, Viu ranks first in monthly active users and second in paid subscribers and total streaming minutes.

Ms. Helen Sou, Chief Business Officer, Asia, Viu, said, “The opportunities in the rapidly growing online video streaming market are immense and expected to continue to grow at 26% CAGR over the next three years.** We are pleased that our content strategy focusing on Asian content, commitment to partnerships and our monetization model including both advertising and subscription tiers has continued to garner traction with both subscribers and advertisers across Southeast Asia as demonstrated in the AMPD research report.”

Commenting on the findings, Mr. Anthony Dobson, MPA Vice President & AMPD Managing Director, said, “Total online video users in the region have reached 195 million, excluding YouTube, with Viu in the lead among platforms with 30.5 million total users in those markets. Viu drives subscribers through premium Korean content and a growing collection of local acquisitions and original productions, which contributes to the overall growth of SVOD in Southeast Asia.”

The report, entitled “Southeast Asia Online Video Consumer Insights & Analytics: A Definitive Study,” leverages MPA’s proprietary AMPD Research platform, which evaluates consumer behavior and usage patterns across the digital economy, including online video and gaming. Using a unique solution that fuses passively observed digital behavior and empirical survey data, the study is a result of research carried out between October to December 2020 in the four Southeast Asia markets*** with insights collected from a combined sample base of 29,007 individuals aged 15+. The report covers 45 unique OTT platforms and provides detailed analysis and profiles of these platforms.

* Note that all highlights exclude YouTube and TikTok which are UGC platforms.
** Source: “Asia Pacific Online Video & Broadband Distribution 2021” published by MPA.
*** Covers Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

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