While KSS is inside the resort clinic nursing her bruises from the attempted robbery, she wonders whether she’s really falling for Cyrus. She hears someone playing the song “Ikaw” on the piano and is surprised to see Cyrus. She looks admiringly at Cyrus while he’s playing the piano.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’s mom orders Marcus to go to the resort to check on Cyrus and KSS.

Afraid that she might be falling in love with Cyrus, KSS convinces herself otherwise and talks to herself. Cyrus approaches her from behind and wonders whether she’s okay.

KSS wears a pink ruffled dress to impress Cyrus but he laughs at her instead. He tells her that she can wear anything she wants and still look fine, making KSS blush.

At school, Aaron invites Eliza to his birthday party while back at the resort, Marcus spies on Cyrus and KSS.

KSS is confused about whether Cyrus has feelings for her. She decides to bake a cake for him but Cyrus gets pissed when he receives a call from his mom. He refuses to eat the cake and KSS gets hurt.

Cyrus sees the cake and eats it anyway. KSS is pleased when she sees the note Cyrus left saying he liked it. However, Cyrus gets an allergy because there were almonds in the cake.

Myla Torres-Eder

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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