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Team Good Boy with Saleema Refran

Kapuso news reporter and Kim Seon-ho fan Saleema Refran discusses with Hallyudorama’s Myla & Hannah why she belongs to Han Ji-pyeong’s Team Good Boy.

Best K-dramas of 2020 with Aubrey Carampel

Kapuso entertainment reporter Aubrey Carampel shares her choices for last year’s best K-dramas with Hallyudorama’s Myla & Hannah.


Get to Know Na In-woo of ‘River Where the Moon Rises’

Na In-woo has quickly transformed into On Dal after replacing Ji Soo in “River Where the Moon Rises.” The up and coming actor now has a lot of pressure on his shoulders after bagging his first lead role in a K-drama. Let’s get to know this talented actor and where we can see more of him.

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Mr. Queen’

“Mr. Queen” ended with good ratings and rave reviews as the historical K-drama aired its final episode last February 14. If you haven’t already, here are five reasons why you should watch “Mr. Queen.”



Kim Seon-ho Invites Pinoys to a Fanmeet for Globe

Kim Seon-ho, a.k.a. Han Ji-pyeong of “Start-up,” is the latest Korean star to be featured in the Hallyu community of Globe Telecom. In a teaser for his upcoming fan meeting for Globe Kmmunity PH, Kim Seon-ho brings out the ‘kilig’ for his Filipino fans.




Hallyudorama’s List of Best K-dramas of 2020 (Part 1)

Last year, K-dramas took us to new adventures — from North Korea to the fictional world of startups — without leaving the safety and comfort of our homes. Here’s the first part of our list of the best K-dramas 2020 had to offer.

See our List of Best Korean Dramas in 2020 (Part 2)

2020 will go down in history as a year of tragedies, joblessness, and uncertainty. Lockdowns would have been more unbearable without the comfort of a K-drama marathon. Here’s the second part of our best K-dramas of 2020 list.

K-Dramas to Binge-Watch During the Lockdown

Check out our list of recommended Korean dramas to watch while parts of the Philippines and the rest of the world remain in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic season.



Imagine Katniss Everdeen going back in time and getting a K-drama reinterpretation. The time travel plot is engaging enough, combined with excellent set design, which takes us to a dystopian South Korea, post nuclear war. “Sisyphus” combines sci-fi, mystery, action, drama, and a dash of romance in each jam packed episode. Watch new episodes on Netflix Wednesdays and Thursdays.

‘River Where the Moon Rises’

Ji Soo’s bullying scandal may have taken the spotlight from the drama itself. However, “River Where the Moon Rises” is still a must watch for those who love political and historical dramas. Watch Kim So-hyun channel her inner Mulan as Princess Pyeonggang tries to reclaim the power of the throne. “River Where the Moon Rises” is now streaming on Viu Philipines.


“Vincenzo,” starring Song Joong-ki, is about an Italian mafia consigliere who fled to Seoul to recover the gold hidden under a building. But if you’re thinking “The Godfather” because of the mafia element, think again. There’s more comedy and heart to this K-drama than you would expect. New episodes drop Saturdays and Sundays on Netflix.

‘Run On’

What happens when a former national athlete (Im Si-wan) meets a film translator (Shin Se-kyung)? Sparks fly of course! We can’t help but appreciate the good visuals of these two leads. New episodes of “Run On” are up every Wednesday and Thursday on Netflix.


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Princess Pyeonggang to On Dal
“River Where the Moon Rises”