Hannah talks to Cyrus’s mom. She tells her that Cyrus might really be in love with KSS. Cyrus’s mom tells her that she was devastated when she left Cyrus but now she’s asking her not to give up on her son.

Meanwhile, Cyrus looks for KSS. He calls Chef Dina to ask her about KSS.

KSS goes to the restaurant and drinks her pain away. She turns on the radio and listens to the song Ikaw while thinking about Cyrus. While in the car, Cyrus also hears the song playing and thinks about KSS.

KSS tunes in a love advise program. She decides to call the DJ and pours out her love problem. Cyrus, who is tuned in at the same time, wonders whether the caller is KSS. He finds KSS at the restaurant talking to someone on the phone. Cyrus confronts her but KSS denies she called the radio station.

Kokoy receives a comforting text message from Gigi while Eliza gets some advise from her mom who tells her to fix things with Kokoy.

Cyrus and Chris play golf. Chris tells Cyrus to put a stop on his contract relationship with KSS. Cyrus gets irritated and tells him to stop insulting KSS.

After resigning from her job, KSS stays home and binges on food. Sonia and Eliza stop her and advise her to put her energy on losing weight instead.

At the restaurant, Cyrus looks for KSS but is told by Chef Dina that she has resigned. He goes to see KSS at home.

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