KSS and Cyrus think about each other. She tries to call him but he’s too busy getting drunk. Cyrus finally answers his phone but KSS doesn’t respond. She just listens to his voice and hangs up.

Sonia is still upset over Dodong so she drinks with her friend.

The next day, Chef Dina tells KSS that she’s not happy with KSS’s decision to marry Vincent. KSS says she doesn’t have any choice.

Hannah meets with the wedding coordinator to discuss the wedding plans. Hannah asks Cyrus’s opinion but he seems uninterested and leaves everything to her.

Later, Hannah gives him a photo of them together. She says it’s their first photo as a couple. Hannah tells him that she’ll make it up to him. Cyrus seems touched to hear this.

Meantime, KSS bakes and remembers her father. She thinks about the time her dad told her to bake with ‘tender loving care’ to create the best tasting cake. Eliza tries KSS’s cakes but she’s left disappointed. KSS wonders whether she could still bake a delicious cake.

Hannah tells a sleeping Cyrus that she really loves him. Cyrus, who’s just pretending to be asleep, hears everything.

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