Na In-woo as On Dal in “River Where the Moon Rises”
Na In-woo plays On Dal in “River Where the Moon Rises.” He replaced Ji Soo. (KBS)

Na In-woo has quickly transformed into On Dal after replacing Ji Soo in “River Where the Moon Rises.” The up and coming actor now has a lot of pressure on his shoulders after bagging his first lead role in a K-drama. Let’s get to know this talented actor and where we can see more of him.

Na In-woo Jumps From ‘Mr. Queen’ to ‘River Where the Moon Rises’

The 27-year-old actor has just wrapped filming for “Mr. Queen” when he got the offer to star in another historical drama, this time as the male lead. In “Mr. Queen” he played the second male lead Kim Byeong-in. Despite his somewhat villainous character, Na In-woo received a lot of attention for his portrayal of the queen’s cousin who was in love with her. The tragic ending of Kim Byeong-in definitely brought the tears and endeared him to many.

It would be interesting to see how Na In-woo tackles his new role as On Dal the fool in “River Where the Moon Rises.” His chemistry with lead actress Kim So-hyun, who plays Princess Pyeonggang a.k.a. Yeom Ga-jin, is also something to look forward to by fans of the show.

Slow-burn Career

There must be a special connection between historical dramas and Na In-woo because the actor debuted in the 2015 ‘sageuk’ “Shine or Go Crazy.” He then moved on to more supporting roles in dramas such as “Golden Pouch” and “Mystic Pop-up Bar.” However, it was the success of “Mr. Queen” that ultimately made Na In-woo a household name.

A Rock Star by Heart

There’s more to Na In-woo than meets the eye, and he proves that by showing his amazing guitar playing skills on his Instagram account.

The actor even admits that singing is his way to destress. Who knows, a rock ballad in an OST might just be in the works for him in the future.

For now, we’ll have to enjoy watching Na In-woo act his heart out in “River Where the Moon Rises.”

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