Yup, that’s his departure card. Don’t ask how we got it. We have our sources, teehee..

He’s here! Yup, Kim Hyun Joong a.k.a Yoon Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers and leader of the Korean boyband SS501 is now in Manila. He arrived this morning for a one night concert with the Korean pop group Beast, entitled “K-Pop Meets P-Pop Beast Live in Manila,” at the Araneta Coliseum on Saturday.

For die-hard fans, here are some tidbits about Hyun Joong’s arrival. Our Hallyudorama friend who was able to see him told us that Hyun Joong really has great skin and that he looks even prettier (pretty being the operative word) in person. He was also very gracious to those who went to see him at the airport. Our source also told us that Hyun Joong apparently forgot to bring a pair of shades. He was supposed to borrow one but his stylist decided to buy a pair at the duty free store. Be sure to catch 24 Oras tonight to see Kim Hyun Joong and his new pair of shades.

Aside from the concert on Saturday, Hyun Joong will be in Abreska for an event tomorrow. He will also appear in several entertainment programs on GMA-7. On Saturday Sunday, he will fly to Cebu.

Hallyudorama will be bringing you more details about Hyun Joong and Beast in Manila. Stay tuned!

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. Do you know where he stay in Manila? I just want to drop off a present for him at the hotel, since i can’t make it to the concert.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello! thanks for commenting. You’re right. He will be going to Cebu on Sunday. WE already corrected our article.

  2. Good lord….Cebu is in the Phillippines and nobody knows???? Glad he went to Cebu than to other place like Borocay….he is on mission!kekeke

  3. really?? he will come here in Cebu?? waaaahh… what time? and what will he be doing here? i want to see him since i can’t go on saturday in their concert!! ^_^ plsss.. plsss.. reply..:)

    1. Hi! they will be flying to Cebu on Sunday. We don’t have his schedule of activities there yet.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. hi, pls let us know what time he will arrive in cebu and where he will stay. do you know what he will do here in cebu? yeheeey, i hope i get to see him…..

  5. oh my gosh!… is it confirmed that he will come here in cebu?.. i’m so excited!

    @krstn @geri: let’s go together… haha

  6. please post updates about leader coming to cebu…. i badly want to see him… pleasseeeee…

    anyone from cebu here?.. let’s go together if leader will come here.. hehe

  7. he is coming to cebu?!!! is this true? please let us know the schedule. thank you.
    @krstn @geri @Kimy and everyone…i’m in the U.S. but my sis is in cebu and would love to see HJ. you guys should go together…i will let her know.

  8. @Kimy– yes, lets meet up if leader come to Cebu. I would love to stalk him together he he he he

  9. @kimy @gerri: apil ko ana..LOL…am so excited but still has no news as to where his whereabouts will be..

  10. guys from Cebu! mag abot ta beh..asa man? what time? confirmed naman daw ni..dapat adto jud tah..knsay game?

  11. sunday na… bakit wala pa ring updates about kay leader??

    @cheryll: cge.. haha

    i read somewhere na mag-extend daw ng stay si leader sa philippines pero secret lang daww kung where and when… =(

  12. @kimy @gerri @richelle @justine @any that is from cebu..:)
    gals.. it will be a pleasure to meet my fellow triple s! ^_^ leader said to have boarded 1pm 🙂 i’m trying to find some updates..

    email me.. [email protected]

  13. i’m worried T_T coz maybe he’ll think he has small number of fans because a little of TS only follow him in the airport/hotel.. but actually its because we do not have updates of his schedule/whereabouts.. T_T

  14. @ss501fan4ever – do you know where he’s staying?.. will he go back to korea today? did you stalk him yesterday?.. haha

    i think they purposely didn’t give the details so that leader can relax.. haha..

  15. Omg! I bet he’s staying in a hotel resort.. Somewhere in Mactan I guess.. Shangrila or Imperial Palace?! whaaaa, i badly wanted to see him…

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