Just a short plugging before I go to sleep.

To all Kpop fans out there most especially those who love DBSK, Wondergirls and 2ne1, this is your chance to see your favorite Kpop groups featured in local television.

Magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho has a story about Kpop groups and fans in their episode tonight.  This was supposed to be aired last week but it was pre-empted for a more valuable story. Other stories include the conjoined twins and the lotus flower in Pampanga.

Here’s a short description taken from their site:


From Koreanovela craze to K-Pop or Korean Pop songs… the hits just keep on coming from the land of Morning Calm — South Korea! Filipinos can’t help but dance to the tune of the chart-topping song “Nobody” by the Wondergirls. Even the world-famous Cebu Dancing Inmates are too quick to pick up the beat! Meanwhile, Korean star Sandara Park makes a huge comeback in Philippine showbiz via the girl group 2NE1.With all the buzz on K-Pop, can we really say that Koreans are the new Filipino Idol?

Catch Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho at 8:30pm only at GMA7.

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  1. Want you to cover the plight of the JPEPA nurses in japan Esp the saitama group.It’s a shame why we had yo be bargained and use as sacrificial lambs.

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