One Ordinary Day,” starring Kim Soo-hyun is an intriguing crime-legal drama with great acting and writing to keep you absorbed. This isn’t just a story about who did what but delves deeply on how the truth is often abandoned in the criminal justice system. Kim Soo-hyun brings his A game in “One Ordinary Day,” reminding us yet again why he’s one of the highest paid Korean actors today.

The Crime

Kim Hyun-soo (Kim Soo-hyun) discovers the murder victim’s body in “One Ordinary Day.”

In “One Ordinary Day,” Kim Soo-hyun plays Kim Hyun-soo, an average college student. However, one drunken night with a woman he barely knows changes the course of his life as he becomes the primary suspect in a murder case.

Cha Seung-won is Shin Joong-han, a lawyer representing Hyun-soo. He’s a divorcee who takes on cases for monetary reasons. Notwithstanding his predilection for money, he’s an experienced defense lawyer. He knows that the “truth” can always be bent to someone’s favor. Joong-han tells the naive Hyun-soo:

“First, truth and justice, such things don’t exist here so don’t even think about it. Facts don’t matter, and neither do your claims. So what matters? Repeat after me. What has to be a fact for me to be at an advantage?”

‘One Ordinary Day’: Kim Soo-hyun and Cast Bring Solid Acting

As expected, Kim Soo-hyun always gives the most heartbreaking breakdown scenes hands down. In “One Ordinary Day,” there’s a controlled build-up of emotions as he discovers the victim and pieces down what the circumstances mean for him. His naivete makes the situation all the more sad as he is literally stripped down and compelled to tell his truth.

Meanwhile, Kim Hong-pa gives a credible performance as Park Sang-beom. He’s the head detective who’s working on Hyun-soo’s case and aims for that final wreath on his head before his retirement. So far, there is no over-the-top acting but only carefully measured performances among all the actors.

As all evidence is working against Kim Hyun-soo, we’re looking forward to what tricks his lawyer Shing Joong-han has up his sleeves in the next episodes. 

“One Ordinary Day” is now available on Viu Philippines.

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