“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actress Park Eun-bin is in the Philippines for another fan meeting, this time organized by Aromagicare.

This year’s Daesang awardee at the 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards arrived yesterday, according to the health and wellness brand Aromagicare, of which Park Eun-bin is a brand ambassador.

“Park Eun Bin Fan Meet in Manila” will be held later at 6 p.m. at the New Frontier Theater (NFT) in Araneta City, Quezon City.

Hours before her fan meeting, Park Eun-bin held a press conference, where she thanked her fans.

“Thank you for the warm support you gave me. I want to receive all the positive energy of Filipino fans, and go back to Korea to get good projects that I can share with you,” Park Eun-bin was quoted as saying by Buzzsetter.

Park Eun-bin fans gather before Aromagicaree fan meeting

Meanwhile, Bingos – or Park Eun-bin’s fans – are holding a pre-fan meeting party at the NFT branch of McDonald’s. In the pre-party, fans may network with each other, play games, and have fun together.

Tickets to Park Eun-bin’s fan meeting were sold through the Aromagicare Therapy Oil Facebook page. Fan benefits include hi-bye and official posters for all. Attendees also get a chance to win signed photos and a slot in the group photos. Aromagicare bundles are also up for grabs.

Park Eun-bin’s Aromagicare fan meeting is promoted by Wilbros Entertainment.

Park Eun-bin made Bingos feel special in her fan meeting last year

Last year, Park Eun-bin also visited the Philippines for a fan meeting. She made her Pinoy Bingos feel special by giving a full entrance spiel in Filipino.

“Binkan,” the title of the October 23 fan meeting also held at the NFT, means shiny and empty space. According to Park Eun-bin, they chose that title because she wanted to fill the empty space between her and her fans.

During the hi-bye session, Park Eun-bin took time to say hi and wave to each one who attended the event. After the event, everyone went home carrying along her bright and sincere smile.

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