“Yumi’s Cells” is the latest webtoon turned drama that has been entertaining audiences worldwide. The K-drama adaptation, starring Kim Go-eun and Ahn Bo-hyun, is so much fun to watch even for those who have yet to read its popular webtoon. Here are five reasons to line-up “Yumi’s Cells” in your K-drama watch list if you haven’t seen it already.

1. Relatable Story and Characters Will Have You Hooked

“Yumi’s Cells” is about an ordinary office worker named Kim Yumi who has not dated anyone since being cheated on by an ex-boyfriend three years ago. We see how her brain works through her “cells” in animated form. Kim Go-eun’s character Yumi goes through the usual struggles of a single working woman as she wades through life and love. Her thought processes as depicted by her brain cells makes the story unique and relatable. Think “Bridget Jones” with animation instead of constant internal dialogues.

2. Yumi’s Brain Cells Steal the Show

Yumi’s brain cells, namely Reason, Emotion, Hunger, Love, True Feelings, Anxiety, Hysterius, and more are the real stars of this show. Their dialogues are funny and how they deal with Yumi’s troubles is like watching a show within a show.

3. Kim Go-eun Shows Variety in Her Acting

There’s no doubt about Kim Go-eun’s acting range, with the variety of projects under her belt. She effectively portrays a range of emotions when dealing with different situations in “Yumi’s Cells.” We commiserate with her when she holds back her emotions and laugh when she fakes her reactions.

4. ‘Yumi’s Cells’ Reminds Us to Take Care of our Mental Health

Mental health has become a favorite theme in pop culture as it should be, especially during these tough times. In one of the episodes, Yumi goes through a lot of mental and emotional stress in one day, making her sick. “Yumi’s Cells” takes us through the complicated processes of our mind and how our mental health is directly related to our physical well-being.

5. ‘Yumi’s Cells’ is a True Webtoon Drama 

Webtoons have become a popular source of material for K-dramas over the years. However, not all webtoons turned dramas are made equal. Some of them have earned the ire of the original webtoon fans as changes are made in the original plot. We have yet to see whether “Yumi’s Cells” will wander off its webtoon. However, the constant use of animation depicting Yumi’s brain cells makes it a true-blue webtoon drama.

“Yumi’s Cells,” starring Kim Go-eun and Ahn Bo-hyun, is now streaming on iQiyi.

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