Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist” season 2 episode 1 ran for 95 minutes, but here we are craving for more. Here are 5 things we loved about the new season premiere.

1. The 99ers Are Back

It’s the new season but we still see the five main characters adorably bickering about the smallest things. Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) accuses his housemate Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho) of using his shampoo. Jun-wan and Lee Ik-jun (Jo Jung-suk) fight over snacks. The five argue over their seating arrangement in Chae Song-hwa’s (Jeon Mi-do) new SUV. There’s also a lot of teasing over their love lives. The scene where Jeong-won tells the other guys about Jun-wan’s girlfriend in London will surely crack you up, as Ik-jun remains oblivious about his sister dating his best friend.

Without a doubt, “Hospital Playlist” is more than the medical drama genre it belongs to. What makes it much more addicting is its focus on the friendship and lives of the five main characters. Theirs is a friendship too familiar and relatable.

2. Wintergarden Couple is Endgame in ‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 2 Episode 1

Perhaps one of the most-awaited storyline in this drama is the Wintergarden couple a.k.a. Ahn Jeong-won and Jang Gyeo-ul (Shin Hyun-bin). Last season’s finale saw the two kissing for the first time and confirming their feelings to each other. But are they officially together? There’s no beating around the bush. “Hospital Playlist” season 2 episode 1 gives us a straight answer. The Wintergarden couple will definitely make you swoon with their sweet first love. RIP replay button to that adorable date scene.

3. Romance in the Works

“Hospital Playlist” season 2 episode 1 picked up where we left off last season. Choo Min-ha (Ahn Eun-jin) seems to be having the worst Christmas ever. After Yang Seok-hyeong (Kim Dae-myung) rejects her dinner invitation, Min-ha sees him walking with another woman. It’s Seok-hyeong’s ex-wife. Despite advances from Min-ha and his ex-wife, it seems like Seok-hyeong is resigned to living the solitary life. We’ll have to see in the next episodes whether this remains true.

Meanwhile, there’s an air of tension between Ik-jun and Song-hwa after last season’s cliffhanger confession. It would have been great if the two got together by the end of the episode, but I’m pretty sure the writers are saving up more drama for the rest of the season. Don’t lose hope Iksong fans!

4. Bring Out the Tissue for ‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 2 Episode 1

Aside from the daily lives and loves of the main characters, “Hospital Playlist” is also known for its heart-tugging stories of patients. For “Hospital Playlist” season 2 episode 1, we have the mother of a child patient who died. Gyeo-ul is confused as to why the mother kept going back to the hospital a month after her son died. Jeong-won hears the story and explains that the mother merely wanted to talk about her deceased son. Since the patient has been in the hospital since birth, no one else knew him but the doctors and nurses in the hospital. Gyeo-ul finally takes time to sit and chat with the mother who is all too appreciative to have someone to talk to about her son. It’s a simple yet touching storyline that will make you reach for that tissue box.

5. New Season, New Music

A “Hospital Playlist” episode wouldn’t be complete of course without the 99ers playing music. For this episode we have “Rain and You” by Lee Mu-jin, which talks about trying to forget a past love. It’s Seok-hyeong’s song choice, which also seems to be his current state of mind with his former wife suddenly reappearing in his life.

Here’s to hoping we get more great songs in the future episodes like we did last season, and a concert please!

Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 1 is now up on Netflix.

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