Cyrus is being treated in the clinic. The doctor injects him with a strong antihistamine.

A woozy Cyrus takes KSS to a walk on the beach while Marcus spies from afar. Cyrus asks KSS to dance.

Meanwhile, Kokoy gives Eliza the dress she wants to wear at Aaron’s party.

KSS takes the sleeping Cyrus to bed. She tells him that she loves him. The sleepy Cyrus wakes up and tells her he loves her too. KSS is suprised to hear this and asks him to repeat what he said but Cyrus falls asleep again. KSS sleeps beside him.

Eliza attends Aaron’s party without her mom’s knowledge.

Back at the resort, Marcus is mistaken for a trespasser.

While trying to sleep, KSS imagines that Cyrus’s mom arrives and sees her and Cyrus sleeping together. She tries to beat KSS but ends up being wrestled by KSS instead.

At the party, Eliza lies to Aaron and tells him that her mom is in India. Meantime, KSS’s mom is being harassed by a loan shark. Good thing a neighbor saves her.

The next day Cyrus is shocked to see KSS sleeping beside him. KSS tells him nothing happened between them but she wonders whether Cyrus really meant what he said the night before.

The resort staff tells Cyrus that they caught a trespasser but learns that it was his mom’s assistant Marcus. They tell Cyrus that they beat the daylights out of him. The staff tells Cyrus how KSS took care of him all night long. To make it up to her, Cyrus prepares breakfast for KSS.

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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