Cherry introduces Harvey to KSS. She tells Harvey that KSS is the pastry chef who will bake the cake for their wedding. KSS is shocked and disappointed.

Harvey tells Cherry to look for another pastry chef but she refuses.

Meanwhile, KSS’s mom lusts for their hunky neighbor.

KSS is in a bad mood. Chef Dina shows her the picture of the cake that Cherry requested for her
wedding. KSS gets mad and cries when she sees the picture of the cake she wanted for her own wedding. Cyrus arrives and asks why KSS is crying. She tells him that she doesn’t want to bake the cake for Cherry but Cyrus won’t let her back out.

Feeling depressed, KSS tries to leave work early but sees Amber in the restaurant. Cyrus invites KSS to join Amber and him. Cynthia is pissed.

The three of them go to Enchanted Kingdom and enjoy some rides. KSS messes her hair in the process. While fixing her hair, she sees a picture of Harvey and Cherry inside a store, making her feel sad again. Amber tells her not to feel sad. Cyrus is pleased to see the two getting along well.

While Amber and Cyrus wait for their turn in the carousel, Amber tells her uncle not to hurt KSS because she likes her. She tells her Cyrus that KSS reminds her of her mom whom she terribly misses. KSS looks at the two from afar.

Cyrus tells KSS the reason behind Amber’s silence. Amber’s parents died in a car accident and since then she hasn’t spoken a word. KSS asks him about the accident but he refuses to tell her the whole story. KSS continues to question him about his personal life but Cyrus won’t tell her anything. The two fool around with water while Amber takes a picture of them.

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