Cyrus is called back to the office so he leaves Amber with KSS. KSS panics when Amber leaves her side to see the mascots.

At the restaurant, Marcus tells Cynthia and Chef Dina that KSS was offered two million pesos to leave Cyrus alone. Cyrus overhears their conversation and confronts Marcus.

KSS and Amber go back to the restaurant. Amber pushes KSS to admit she has feelings for Cyrus. The two arrive at the restaurant and is greeted by Harvey who’s waiting for KSS with a bouquet of flowers.

Amber runs to Cyrus and asks him if he loves KSS. She then tells him that a guy is with KSS and gave her flowers.

KSS is still mad at Harvey. She tells him to look for another pastry chef for the wedding. Harvey confesses that he still loves her but that he can’t back out from the wedding.

Cyrus goes to check on KSS. He overhears Harvey’s confession. KSS rejects Harvey and leaves him. Cyrus is pleased.

Cyrus confides to Chef Dina. Chef Dina tells him that he might be feeling jealous but Cyrus denies this and says he can’t fall in love with KSS. KSS overhears this and gets hurt.

Feeling rejected once again, KSS cries. Cyrus thinks she’s crying because of Harvey. He asks her why she didn’t say anything about Harvey and Cherry. Cyrus wipes KSS’s tears.

Chef Dina reveals to KSS that Cyrus might be falling in love with her.

Meantime, Cyrus goes to check on Amber who is already asleep in his office. He sees the writings on her notebook and wonders whether he is really falling for KSS.

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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