Cyrus is shocked to see Hannah and treats her coldly. He refuses to hear Hannah’s explanations and leaves her.

Meanwhile, KSS is still convincing Cynthia to tell her about the real Hannah but Cynthia fools around. KSS imagines beating the crap out of her.

Kokoy gets jealous when he sees Eliza and Aaron together. He goes out to drink with Eliza’s friend who comforts him.

Chef Dina takes a miserable KSS out for a drink. Chef Dina reveals to her who Hannah is.

Cyrus plays the song “Ikaw” on the piano while reminiscing the time he spent with Hannah. Cyrus and Hannah were college sweethearts. She was the only love of his life and they were supposed to get married. But without a word, she suddenly left him. Cyrus tried to look for her. After Hannah left him, his life took a downward turn. One time when he was drunk, he drove his brother’s family and they got into an accident. He and Amber were the only ones who survived the accident but since then, Amber hasn’t spoken a word. Eversince, Cyrus has become cold-hearted.

KSS goes back to the restaurant and sees Cyrus playing the piano. She tries to leave but Cyrus calls her to stay with him. KSS leans on Cyrus to comfort him. Afterwards, she takes him home and wonders about her role in Cyrus’s life.

Next day, Cyrus, KSS and Amber go to the zoo. After having fun feeding the animals, Amber falls asleep. Cyrus thanks KSS for joining them. The two share a sweet moment until Cyrus gets a call from his mom.

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