Cyrus tells KSS to go back the next day and bring 10 sample cakes. KSS hesitates but bakes them anyway.

While baking, KSS tells her mom that she got a new job and that her new boss is annoying. Before sleeping her sister asks what Cyrus looks. KSS tells her that he’s tall, has nice skin and lips but she’s quick to point out that she’s not interested.

KSS couldn’t sleep so she decides to call Cupid’s Helper, an ad she found on the newspaper to look for a boyfriend.

The next day, Cyrus and Chef Dina sample KSS’s cakes. KSS is hired. Cyrus asks her if she prefers to called Kim Sam Soon or Sam Soon. KSS tells him she wants to be called Hannah. Cyrus hesitates and asks her to choose another name but KSS gets her way. Cyrus introduces her to the other staff as Hannah.

Cynthia (Sheena Hallili) takes KSS’s measurements for her uniform. KSS’s new assistant tells her that Cynthia only has eyes for their boss and that all the girls in the restaurant have a crush on him. KSS tells him she’s different from the others.

KSS gets a call from Cupid Helper who sets up a date for her. The night before the date, KSS decides to go on a diet.

The next day, she goes to a coffee shop to meet her blind date. She sees Cyrus there who was also on a date. KSS tries to hide from him.

While KSS and her date hit it off, Cyrus seems to be bored with his date.

Cyrus spots KSS. He goes to them and scolds KSS for supposedly not answering his phone calls. He tells her date that he’s her boyfriend. KSS denies this and wonders what Cyrus is up to. To prove that she’s his girlfriend, Cyrus kisses her.

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