KSS waits for Cyrus to arrive and tells the guests not to eat first.

Cyrus is in the hospital where he took Hannah. He meets Hannah’s doctor, Dr. Henry, who tells him about her condition. Dr. Henry says that Hannah may be pretending that everything’s okay but she really has cancer.

Cyrus sees Hannah in her room. He remembers that KSS is waiting for him but pities Hannah if he leaves her.

Meanwhile, Sonia is with Dodong and she tells him that she’s disappointed at Eliza.

The guests all decide to go home. They think that KSS is just lying about having a boyfriend. KSS gets mad when she hears them talking about her.

KSS and Maureen go to Cyrus’s pad. They hear a laughing woman and think Cyrus has another woman. Turns out that his friend, Chris was just watching TV.

At the hospital, Hannah wakes up and tells Cyrus to leave. He apologizes for not believing her when she said she has cancer. He reminisces the time when Hannah left a week before their wedding.

Hannah says she didn’t want to leave Cyrus but she wanted to face her illness alone. Cyrus tells her that he’ll be there for her but Hannah wonders what he’s going to do about KSS.

Cyrus assists Hannah as she leaves the hospital and KSS sees them together.

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Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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