Aaron sees Eliza in school and notices that she’s depressed. She lies and tells Aaron that her mom is angry at her because she wants Eliza to accompany her to Europe.

KSS consults a doctor about getting a liposuction. She agrees to undergo the procedure but changes her mind when she sees the dirty bed and apparatus. She decides that she doesn’t need to change herself for someone else.

Eliza packs her things and decides to leave home. When Sonia arrives, she looks for Eliza and sees all her things are gone.

KSS goes inside a restaurant only to see Cyrus and Hannah who are there on a date. Cyrus asks if she’s with someone and KSS tells him that she has a date. Hannah wonders whether KSS is telling the truth.

Sonia confides on Dodong about Eliza. They call her cellphone but she doesn’t answer. Meanwhile, Eliza doesn’t know where to go with only P20 left on her pocket.

Cyrus and Hannah go on with their dinner date while KSS looks on. She crawls her way close to the two but gets caught when she bumps on someone.

Meantime, Kokoy gets a visit from Gigi’s friend Des. She gives her a letter from Gigi who apologizes for pushing him to confess his feelings to Eliza.

Hannah humiliates KSS for pretending she’s on a date with someone. Harvey appears and rescues KSS by pretending to be her date.

Back at home, Sonia calls the cops to look for Eliza but she’s told that they have to wait before they declare her daughter missing.

Harvey and KSS pretend to be on a date as Cyrus looks pissed. KSS and Cyrus try to make each other jealous.

Cyrus talk to Harvey in the men’s room and warns him not to hurt KSS.

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. this is good comedy drama series. this is the one i want to watch everyday. its very funny, you will enjoy yo watch this.for the one who makes this in tv. i will say that you make a good choose, good idea and very artistic. Good job and more power and make another comedy drama like this…..great!

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