After KSS treats Cyrus’s bruised lip, she tells him that she’s going back to the restaurant so that she could pay off her debt. Cyrus tells her that she doesn’t have to pay him back because he was the one who violated their contract.

Cyrus’s mom is pissed when she learns that KSS is still working at the restaurant. She asks Hannah why she hasn’t gone there yet.

Meanwhile, Eliza’s friend Ivy is getting jealous over Eliza who’s attracting more attention from their group.

Back at the restaurant, KSS tells Chef Dina that she has decided to fight for Cyrus.

Eliza’s rich friend smell something fishy about Eliza. Meantime, Kokoy talks to Eliza about going home and patching things up with her mom. Aaron sees them and warns Kokoy not to go near Eliza.

Cyrus brings Amber with him to the restaurant to see KSS. Cyrus wants to leave Amber with KSS while he works but Amber asks him to stay. The three of them bake a cake.

Ivy talks to Kokoy. She asks him to reveal what he knows about Eliza’s real identity but Kokoy refuses say anything.

Sonia goes to Maureen’s house to see Eliza but she’s told by the maid that Eliza hasn’t come home yet. Ivy and her friends see Sonia leaving the house. They ask the maid about Sonia. The maid reveals to them that Sonia is Eliza’s mother and that Eliza doesn’t really live in the mansion.

Hannah goes to the restaurant and confronts KSS. The two have a catfight.

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