Cyrus is confused over what to do about Hannah and KSS. Meanwhile, Cynthia calls him and tries to seduce him over the phone.

KSS continues to cry all the way home.

At the hospital, Cyrus and Dr. Henry talk. Cyrus tells him how he wants to be with KSS but he doesn’t know what to do with Hannah. Dr. Henry shows him Hannah’s medical records.

At home, KSS reveals to Eliza that she slept with Cyrus. Eliza talks her into forgetting Cyrus.

Cyrus confronts Hannah about her fakery. Hannah denies everything at first but finally admits that she tricked him because she wanted him back. Cyrus tells her that she doesn’t want to see her anymore.

Sonia tells Dodong about Cyrus and KSS. Dodong vows to beat the crap out of Cyrus once he sees him.

Someone is knocking at the door. Sonia thinks there’s a thief so she and her daughters go out to check. They’re shocked to see Cyrus waiting outside.

Hannah confronts Dr. Henry who explains to her that he told Cyrus the truth because he wants her for himself.

Cyrus tells them that Hannah lied about having cancer. He apologizes but KSS won’t take him back. She tells him to leave.

Cyrus drinks at the restaurant. Cynthia joins him and tries to seduce him but Cyrus leaves. James tries to kiss her instead.

Chef Dina accidentally spills to Sonia that Cyrus and KSS had a contract relationship. Meantime, Cyrus tears the contract.

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