Eliza talks to Maureen about Kokoy. Maureen thinks that Eliza may be in love with Kokoy.

Sonia tells KSS that she may be too harsh on Cyrus for making him sleep outside.

Meanwhile, Eliza is surprised to see Cyrus huddled in a corner outside their house. He tells her that he’s being treated harshly by KSS but he’s willing to do anything for her.

The next day, Cyrus does the laundry. To his detriment, KSS orders him to cut the grass using his own teeth. He refuses at first but does the task anyway.

Meantime, Cyrus’s mom orders Marcus to spy on her son.

At school, Eliza looks on as Kokoy gives Des a bouquet of flowers.

Cyrus continues to do the chores. KSS looks at him with pity.

At night it starts to rain hard. Cyrus calls KSS but she refuses to let him in. Sonia tells KSS to bring him an umbrella but KSS refuses and pretends not to care.

Hannah visits Cyrus’s mom.

After a while, KSS decides to check on Cyrus but he’s already gone. She thinks Cyrus has given up. Cyrus is pissed so he went for a drive. He remembers telling KSS that he’s ready to do anything to woo her so he goes back and waits outside the rain.

Cynthia and James have a dance showdown at the restaurant.

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