The next day, KSS still thinks that Cyrus has given up on her.

Sonia and Eliza go out and are shocked to see Cyrus slumped outside their gate. Eliza pities him and hands him a shirt. She wonders why he persists on doing everything for her sister but Cyrus tells her you’d do anything for the person you love. Eliza thinks about whether she’s capable of doing the same for Kokoy.

Cyrus calls Chef Dina to inform her that he won’t be able to come to the restaurant yet. He continues to do the chores while KSS bosses him around. Sonia brings him some food. KSS orders him to redo the laundry but Cyrus faints because of his high fever.

KSS takes care of Cyrus, felling guilty for how she treated him. She apologizes and tells him that she loves him.

Meanwhile, Eliza goes to see Kokoy but Des suddenly shows up. Des volunteers to take them to school. On their way, Kokoy continues to throw insults at Eliza.

Marcus continues to spy on Cyrus. He reports to Cyrus’s mom that her son has a fever.

Dodong tries to confess his feelings for Sonia but is interrupted when Cyrus’s mom arrives.

Sonia and Mrs. Ruiz get into a fight again. The latter accuses KSS of being a tramp for sleeping with Cyrus. Sonia is shocked to hear this and asks KSS whether it’s true. KSS won’t answer so Sonia beats her. Cyrus appears and tells everyone that he’s ready to take the responsibility. He goes down on his knees and asks KSS to marry him. KSS says yes.

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