While waiting for any news about Cyrus, KSS asks Chef Dina what really happened. Chef Dina tells her that Cyrus was on his way to stop her wedding when he met an accident.

Meantime, Eliza thinks about Kokoy who then surprises her from behind.

KSS wants to see Cyrus so bad so she and Chef Dina sneak into the operating room by pretending to be a nurse and a patient. They finally get to see Cyrus who’s fighting for his life at the operating table. Cyrus heart stops.

Mrs. Ruiz and Hannah arrive at the hospital. Mrs. Ruiz sees Cyrus waving goodbye to her so she knows something bad has happened to her son.

After a few seconds, Cyrus’s vitals go up again and the doctors are able to revive him.

Kokoy and Eliza finally get to talk. Kokoy tells her that he broke up with Des. He tries to confess his feelings but Sonia interrupts them.

Back at the hospital, Mrs. Ruiz and Hannah see KSS at the waiting area.

Meanwhile, Dr. Henry receives an important call.

The doctors brief Mrs. Ruiz about her son’s condition. They tell her that Cyrus is in a coma.

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