While Eliza talks to Maureen about her problem with Kokoy, they get a call from KSS who announces her engagement to Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Cyrus informs Amber about his engagement with KSS. Amber is pleased that her uncle seems to be happy.

Mrs. Ruiz and Sonia are both distraught over KSS and Cyrus’s decision to marry. Cyrus’s mom reports to Hannah who is shocked to hear the news.

Sonia, Eliza, Maureen and KSS drink to celebrate. Cyrus and Chef Dina visit them to talk about the wedding preparations. They all sit down and talk except for Eliza who’s left with the drinks.

An engagement party is set the next day at the restaurant. Cyrus and KSS take a walk and she tells him her worries that something bad may happen.

Chef Dina finds Cynthia speaking to someone over the phone. She thinks Cynthia may be the one feeding information from the restaurant about Cyrus and KSS. Chef Dina confronts her but finds out that Cynthia was just talking to her grandma. Apparently, Marcus’s spy is James.

Cyrus’s mom informs Hannah about the engagement party. Hannah tells her that the wedding will surely not push through because of her plan.

Meantime, Eliza gets wasted and goes to Kokoy’s house. She calls on him and confesses her feelings. However, Kokoy is still mad at her. He tells her that he’s in love with Des and shoos Eliza away.

At the engagement party, Cyrus’s mom goes on stage and pretends that she okay with her son’s decision to marry KSS. Cyrus formally announces that he and KSS are getting married next month. Hannah interrupts him and informs everyone that she’s pregnant.

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