The engagement party becomes a riot when Sonia and Mrs. Ruiz get into a fight again.

Cyrus walks out of the party and KSS follows him. She asks whether he slept with Hannah. Cyrus lies and tells her that nothing happened between him and Hannah.

While everyone is fighting, Eliza busies herself with the champagne.

Hannah insists something happened between her and Cyrus. KSS dares her to prove that she’s really pregnant. Sonia joins in and announces that KSS is pregnant too. KSS and Hannah dare each other to go to the hospital to prove who’s really pregnant.

At the hospital, Cyrus is getting worried that Hannah might really be pregnant. He recalls the time she seduced him. He goes on to tell KSS that he’s intent on marrying her whatever the results may be.

KSS and Hannah undergo a checkup to see who’s really pregnant.

While waiting, Chris talks to Cyrus. Cyrus admits that he really did sleep with Hannah. Eliza overhears their conversation and goes to tell her mother.

Meanwhile at the restaurant, Chef Dina catches James speaking to someone on the phone about what’s happening in the hospital. She beats him up upon discovering that he’s been playing the role of Marcus’s spy.

The test results are out. The doctor announces that Hannah is pregnant.

KSS confronts Cyrus. Cyrus tells her the truth about what happened to him and Hannah.

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