Dodong confesses to Sonia that he likes her but before she could respond, Cyrus arrives looking for KSS.

KSS is in the hospital to talk to Hannah. Hannah begs her not to take Cyrus away.

Meantime, Eliza goes to see Kokoy again and sees him with Des. Eliza apologizes for what she did while she was drunk but admits that she’s really in love with him. However, Kokoy continues to reject her and tells her it’s too late. He feels guilty for hurting her.

KSS goes home to see Cyrus waiting for her. He again asks her to marry him but she doesn’t respond. She tells him to go back to Hannah because she won’t allow their baby to grow up without a father. KSS runs away from him.

KSS calls Vincent to meet her at the coffee shop. Vincent is shocked when KSS asks him to marry her if he’s really interested in her. He thinks she’s just joking and KSS is hurt for getting rejected yet again. Vincent goes after her and tells her that he’s willing to marry her.

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. You are awesome. I don’t understand much tagalog so the summaries help me a lot. I am tired of asking my mom what they said lol

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