KSS imagines talking to the Virgin Mary about her problem. Vincent sees her and wonders why she’s talking on his own.

Des is still upset over Kokoy. She decides to break up with him. She goes to his house and says goodbye.

Cyrus and Hannah do their wedding rehearsal but Cyrus imagines KSS walking down the aisle instead.

KSS arrives at the municipal hall for her wedding. Chef Dina convinces her again not to proceed with the wedding but KSS refuses to change her mind.

Cyrus tells Hannah that he can’t marry her. He walks out of the rehearsals leaving Hannah at the altar.

Cyrus rushes to KSS’s wedding. He calls Chef Dina and informs her that he’s on the way.

Back at the wedding, KSS hesitates to give an answer to the judge.

In his rush to stop the wedding, Cyrus gets into an accident.

Chef Dina receives a call and is informed that Cyrus was rushed to the hospital after the accident. She informs everyone about the accident and so the wedding is stopped.

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