Arang and the Magistrate Eunho-Dol Swe

I can’t believe that this drama is going to end tomorrow! TT_TT I have come to love this drama despite the creepy and dark elements because come on guys, who wouldn’t adore the Arang-Eun Oh tandem? (Plus, Shim Mina and Lee Jun Ki definitely have chemistry.) Who’d have thought that the initial plot of a virgin ghost who scares magistrates in a small town would turn out to be one colossal plot than involved heaven and hell? Seriously, this is one of the best dramas for the year.

To cheer you up, here are some of the behind-the-scenes pictures. I’m gonna miss Arang and Eun Oh (and yep, the quirky but loyal Dol Swe too…)

What do you think our ending will be guys? Will Eun Oh and Arang end up together? (Dear Jade Emperor, please let them stay together…)

Are we filming a shampoo CF Dol Swe?

credits: Arang’s Official Website

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  1. i love this drama… and so sad it’s coming to an end this week. C’mon Jade Emperor you cutie, give a happy ever after ending to this couple! remember what happened to MY-MY !!!

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