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We are all familiar with the story of Cinderella right? As children, we were told of how a young, pure-hearted girl finds her Prince Charming after she accidentally leaves her shoe in a haste to flee the ball. But, have you ever wondered about the story of Cinderella’s Sister?

Korean romantic drama “Cinderella’s Sister” is a twist to the classic Cinderella story. Korea’s little sister, Moon Geun Young, is Zaren (Eun Joo), a cynical, angst-filled teenager who suddenly finds herself having a sister named Briana (Hyo Sun), played by Seo Woo, and a father after her mother decides to marry a rich *makgeolli manufacturer. 

Briana is the typical, pretty rich girl.  Always surrounded by people who always adored and doted on her, including Zaren’s mom, she grew up carefree and a little reckless, which of course, made Zaren dislike her. However, despite Zaren’s bitter outlook in life, Timothy (Ki Hoon), a man working for Briana’s father, decided to take an interest on her. Briana has always admired Timothy but he only considers her as a little sister. And thus, the drama unfolds.

“Cinderella’s Sister” will start airing tonight at ABS-CBN after Martha Cecilia’s “Kristine Series” and replacing “Perfect Match.”

*makgeolli – an alcoholic beverage native to Korea with milky color and made from fermented rice and wheat.

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