Gripping and intriguing– these words perfectly capture the first episodes of “Lies Hidden in My Garden” on Prime Video. Kim Tae-hee and Lim Ji-yeon are two women who live opposite lives but are drawn together by a murder mystery.

Aside from the fascinating plot and talented actors, K-drama fans will be treated to great cinematography and art direction, reminiscent of films like “Parasite” and “Revolutionary Road.” Nothing less can be expected from Jung Ji-hyun, the same director of beloved K-dramas like “Mr. Sunshine” and “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.”

Kim Tae-hee, Lim Ji-yeon on their roles

The cast of “Lies Hidden in My Garden” during their press conference: Choi Jae-rim, Lim Ji-yeon, Kim Tae-hee, and Kim Sung-O

Hallyudorama got the chance to interview the cast about their exciting new drama. Fresh from her Baeksang win for her role as the bully in “The Glory,” Lim Ji-yeon stars as a victim this time. Or is she?

Hallyudorama: First of all, congratulations on your Baeksang win. I am curious to know whether your character in “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is someone we would love or hate?

Lim Ji-yeon: That’s a difficult question! I think when you look at the character Sang-eun, a lot of people might think, “How could there be a person like this?” That’s also partly how I felt when I was reading the script and the novel. But weirdly enough, that was one of the reasons why I was so compelled to portray this character. Having said that, I think even though the character and the situations are extreme, there are people – maybe yourself – who have felt what Sang-eun has felt and who are like her in some ways. I think there are definitely moments you’d relate to. Also for me, in one moment I’d think, “No way. How could someone be like this..?” but in another, I’d be reminded of times when I felt like her. I think that’s how some audiences will feel…but, much like Yun-beom, it’s going to be very difficult for Sang-eun to be loved by the audiences. But I hope you find yourselves mysteriously rooting for her. 

Kim Tae-hee is the reclusive Moon Joo-ran and Lim Ji-yeon is the battered wife Chu Sang-eun.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hee is back on the small screen after three years and we’re excited to see her stretch her acting chops in this series.

Hallyudorama: “Lies Hidden In My Garden” is your comeback drama after more than 3 years. What made you want to come back with this role? 

Kim Tae-hee: I think it was almost destiny. When I first read the script, I fell for the character Joo-ran, and after finishing the first episode, I was dying to know what was going to happen in episode 2. I began to grow the desire to portray this character in a way the audience will understand and relate to. In the novel, the emotions and all the things that go through the mind of Joo-ran are written in much more detail, which makes it a bit easier to understand her, but because it was the script that I had read first, she stood out to me as someone who was very insecure, unsure, untrusting, and someone who was almost hysteric. I think that’s why I was drawn to wanting to bring out those aspects of this character. It tapped into my passion, which is why I decided to come back with this drama. 

‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’ on Prime Video

Kim Sung-O is Park Jae-ho, a doctor with a secret while Choi Jae-rim is the abusive husband of Lim Ji-yeon’s character.

Completing the talented cast are Choi Jae-rim who plays Lim Ji-yeon’s husband and Kim Sung-O as Kim Tae-hee’s perfectionist husband-doctor. Their characters play a vital role on how these two women’s lives will come together.

Hallyudorama: What should we look forward to the most in this drama? 

Choi Jae-rim: For me, it would have to be the changes that Sang-eun and Joo-ran go through. How they come into each other’s lives, how they intervene, and how extremely they change. I think the audience will find that most entertaining. 

Kim Sung-O: For most viewers…we all go through certain rites of passage, right? At a certain age, we grow up, meet people, get married, have kids and become parents and spouses. These are some things that most go through in life. And as you watch the show, thinking about where you stand in life – whether it’s from a spouse’s or parent’s perspective – I think one of the entertaining elements would be to compare your emotions and thought process to what’s conveyed on screen. I think this aspect is one of the strengths of our show. 

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” is now streaming on Prime Video with new episodes every Monday and Tuesday.

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