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Only one more week left until the last episode of the mind-blowing series Reply 1997 (응답하라1997) and everyone will finally have a closure for their favorite pairing (is it Shi Won-Yoon Je? Shi Won-Tae Woong? Yoon Je-Joon Hee?)

Reply 1997 has definitely caught everyone’s attention with its interesting storyline and excellent acting.  Everybody was torn with all the twists that this series has shown and makes the audience grasp the end of their seats to see who ends up together in the end.  In the recent episode (Ep.15), there were some obvious hints that the series would end the way most fans are hoping for (but if you ask me, I’ve already decided (predicted?) who would end up together a few episodes back.)

Each episode of Reply 1997 has a title, and the contents of the episode would be centered on that on that title. With just the title alone, one would be able to figure out what the focus would be of the story.

The title for the final episode of Reply 1997 is “The reason why the first love isn’t fulfilled”. Fans were shocked with this title as it could give a different ending to what people were actually hoping or expecting to happen. Although the title may have ties with our main couple there were also hints that it may actually be referring to the Joon Hee and Yoon Je pair as it is shown in the preview.

Final episode’s preview:

So, what do you think the ending would be?


Video:Tvn official Youtube channel

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