Korean boy group FT Island performed in ABS-CBN’s Showtime yesterday much to the delight of their screaming fans.  The band performed the song Still/As Ever from the original sound track of the Korean drama You’re Beautiful (S/He’s Beautiful, 미남이시네요) where their lead singer, Lee Hongki, played the character of Jeremy who is the drummer of the faux group A.N.Jell.  After singing, Lee Hongki said “Jolie” in his Jeremy voice. Now, how cute is that?!? Mytor and I actually screamed when we heard him while we were at the office.

Afterwards, Jaejin invited the fans to watch their showcase today (March 6) at the PICC which will start at 6:00pm.  Hong Ki also encouraged the fans to watch You’re Beautiful which will be airing soon and said, “Mahal ko kayo” (I love you all) at the end.

Watch out for our fan account of the concert later. For now, here’s the video of FT Island’s performance courtesy of eytcetera.

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  1. bakit hindi pa naipalabas sa abs-cbn ang you’re so beautiful?

    hindi lang nila alam maraming uma- abang sa korean teleseryeng iyon.

    plss…………………..ipalabas nyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  2. from me, hahahah, baka malabong ipalabas ang ur beatiful dito!! hahahha, bakit?siguradong mabubulabong ang pilipinas, hha napanuod ko na, kais may cd ako, hahaha, with the signature of the actors and go min nam, hahaha, i’ve been porsanaly talk to them too, hahaha, not good in english, hehehe, i want to go back at korea now!!!

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