“Inspector Koo” marks Lee Young-ae’s official return to the drama world after four years. To say that we have high expectations is an understatement. But so far, we are loving how we’re seeing a different side to the actress who will always be Jang Geum in our hearts. Here’s what we loved about the first two episodes of “Inspector Koo.”

1. Lee Young-ae Like We’ve Never Seen Her Before

Lee Young-ae plays the role of Koo Kyung-yi, a former policewoman turned insurance payout investigator who’s addicted to video games and alcohol. She’s a total slob who doesn’t trust anyone. However, she’s also an exceptional investigator, who seems to be able to piece things together easily.

Lee Young-ae as Inspector Koo in this drama is devoid of all glamor. She goes around with no make-up, disheveled hair, and clad in her lounge pants. But aside from her appearance, she’s so quirky and weird, which makes us want to know more about her backstory. 

2. ‘Inspector Koo’ Is a Unique Drama

Lee Young-ae as Koo Kyung-yi in “Inspector Koo”

While investigating an insurance payout, Inspector Koo becomes a witness to a murder, perpetrated by a young serial killer. She’s now tasked by a foundation director played by Kim Hae-sook to investigate the series of deaths and to catch the killer.

It’s difficult to say what genre this drama belongs to. It’s a serial killer thriller and a dark comedy in one. But what makes this drama even more unique are the scenes that seem to have been taken straight out of a webtoon.

3. Familiar Lovable Supporting Cast

Kim Hae-sook as Director Yong Sook and Kwak Sun-young as Na Ja-hee

A great supporting cast always completes a drama. In “Inspector Koo,” we see some of our favorite actors from our comfort drama “Hospital Playlist.” Kim Hae-sook once again graces us with her flawless acting as foundation director Yong Sook. 

Kwak Sun-young, who we last saw as Lee Ik-sun, now plays the role of Na Je-hee, the head of the insurance investigation team. Choi Young-joon also known as Dr. Bong in “Hospital Playlist,” plays the role of a high school teacher in “Inspector Koo.” It’s great to see all these excellent actors playing different roles and we can’t wait to see more of their chemistry together.

“Inspector Koo” is now streaming on Netflix.

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