After Kim Bum’s latest drama Dream and his cameo appearance in High Kick Through the Roof (which is a spin-off of Unstoppable High Kick which catapulted him to fame), Kim Bum will once again star in MBC’s latest drama The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.

Kim Bum will play a 20-year old guitarist in an indie band who is in a relationship with a 32-year old reporter played by Park Jin Hee.

The drama which is the sequel to The Woman Who Wants to Marry (2004) tells the story of three women in their thirty’s, their love lives and their careers.  The other roles are played by Eom Ji Won who plays an interpreter and Wang Bit Na.

Meanwhile, the other women’s love interests are played by Choi Chul-ho and Lee Pil-mo.

This drama will start airing mid-January in the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot.

author’s notes: I just have to stop myself from squealing after seeing Kim Bum’s latest look for this drama. Honestly, could Kim Bum get any more handsome than this?  I love his long hair.

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  1. >> holla miga!!!! yeah..this drama is soooo cool!!!! i can’t help falling in love after i watched it…
    believe me guys, it’s beautiful… Park jin Hee is awesome!!!
    Kim Bum is so cute and the typical “boy-next-door”, i really love his smiles here and his character’s attitude!!
    haayzz.. i can’t help it… i really really like it!!!!
    don’t be late, watch it now, as in right now…hehehehe =)

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