Kim Bum
Bummie in one of his latest photos

The youngest Korean F4 member Kim Sang Bum or Kim Bum for short turns 20 today (21 in Korean age).

Bummie, who played the other half of the Soeul couple in “Boys Over Flowers,” has been very busy nowadays filming his new drama entitled “Dream” set to air this July on SBS.

In “Dream,” Bummie plays the role of a martial arts athlete backed up by a sports agent played by Joo Jin Mo (“200 Pound Beauty”). Son Dam Bi also stars in the drama. Here are some latest stills from Dream:

What’s up with the hair?
Flower Boy Kim Bum plays a tough guy in “Dream”

Because Bummie has been busy with his drama, he’s been noticeably missing in the latest round of promotions for Boys Over Flowers. He has also reportedly dropped out of the film 71 because of scheduling conflicts.

As busy as Bummie is, I sure hope he’s enjoying his birthday. All the best for his upcoming projects. Saeng il chuka hae!

Credits: Kim Bum’s Soompi thread for the photos

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  1. Ohh… Kim Bum is like.. the cutest guy on Earth!!
    I wish I’ll get to see him in live!!

  2. hiiiiiiiiii bum kim ,u played a wonderful role in BOF.
    you are looking so cute with Ga eul

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