Fans of Soeul (So Yi Jung and Cho Ga Eul) finally got their fix with the latest Anycall Bodyguard CF.

Since I’ve been a fan of this couple since Hana Yori Dango, I was glad that the Korean version gave them a somewhat hopeful, albeit open-ended finish.

The CF, which was simultaneously shot with the drama, goes with the BOF storyline. 

It starts with Yi Jung receiving a call while working on his pottery. The call upsets him enough to ruin his work. For those who have followed the BOF storyline, we can only assume that the distressing call was from his mother. Yi Jung’s mom has a history of emotionally blackmailing Yi Jung  with her suicidal tendencies.

So Ga Eul finds an emo Yi Jung in his studio and tries to cheer him up with a puppet. She convinces him to go on a date with her since based on her phone, they have a lot of good biorhythm together. Ga Eul would do just about anything to get her guy.


Ga Eul gets her way and drags an unenthusiastic Yi Jung. She gets him to ride a bike and the scene couldn’t look fake enough but who cares? It’s Soeul. More cuteness ensues.

Then we get the Namsam tower scene. Fans (stalkers?) who witnessed the filming, complained when they thought that this scene was edited from the drama.

Soeul take crazy pix of each other. I read somewhere that Kim Bum likes to take Selca shots of himself but here it’s Kim So Eun’s turn to go crazy with the camera phone.

Next Soeul watch the night lights together. Yi Jung thanks Ga Eul for the fun date. Ga Eul performs a hand trick and gives a phone (couple phone?) to Yi Jung. She tells him that if he comes for her when she’s in trouble, then they’re even. Things however fall apart when Yi Jung receives another call and returns to his emo mode. He reminds Ga Eul that they’re just pretending and tells her not to fool herself.

Dejected, Ga Eul leaves and wanders the streets alone (crazy kid!) where she meets a group of thugs posing as F4.  Omg, the scene is just crazy and I had a good laugh at Boom Jun Pyo.

Ga Eul uses her phone to call for help and ta-dan! Yi Jung to the rescue!

And here goes my favorite scene. Ga Eul picks up Yi Jung’s phone and gets a pleasant surprise when she sees all her pictures on it. Yi Jung, however, pretends like it’s nothing and tells her that it’s not what she thinks. Adorable.

Next we see Ga Eul working in the pottery studio and she gets a call from someone. She hurriedly goes outside where Yi Jung does the puppet thingy she did a while back.  Ga Eul is surprised to see him and gets inside his car. Yi Jung, who’s apparently gotten rid of his commitment phobia, finally asks her to stay by his side (Yes!). Ga Eul can merely mouth “Sunbae.”

And then we have an almost kiss (again!). The phones ruined it but thank God for this behind the scene photo.

Now, I have to say that I love Anycall for giving closure to the Soeul couple but I just had to stop myself from counting the times Ga Eul says “Sunbae” in this CF so as not to ruin the realization of my fangirl dreams. 

Here’s to more future collaboration between Kim Bum and Kim So Eun!

Watch the full 5-minute CF here.

Credits: HYDKorea

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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    1. hi! thanks for reading.

      So far Kim Bum and Kim So Eun have acted in different drama projects already. Even I wish that they will have a series of their own. Let’s wait and see for that. =D

  1. i love you 2 so much you are my dreams that already have come true saranghee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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