Reply 1997 Seo In Guk and Hoya

The drama Reply 1997 has been gaining much attention and getting a lot of praises from viewers. In the most recent episode of Reply 1997, the delicate guy, Joon Hee (played by Hoya of Infinite) revealed that he likes secretive guy Yoon Jae (played by Seo In Guk). And this sudden confession has left the viewers in shock.

In the episode, there’s a scene where Joon Hee and Shi-Won (played by Jeong Eun-Ji) are waiting in line in the break of dawn for the release of H.O.T’s new tape and they talked about how much Shi-Won’s parents have been fighting all the time recently. And it showed there how much he understands how a woman feels. Although it appeared that they could only be good friends, one night while they were chatting at the computer, secrets became the topic of their discussion. Joon-Hee then dropped a bombshell on Shi-Won and probably everyone who is watching, by saying “I actually… like… Joon Jae” on the chat and then it left Shi-Won speechless, staring at the monitor in total surprise.

After the episode has been aired, comments from netizens came one by one and said “It’s a twist that I could not imagine and although it gave me a mental breakdown, it seems that there’s gonna be more! The character is fresh and nice!”, “Oh, the role isn’t something an idol can easily take, Hoya’s great~”, “Somehow Joon Hee knows a woman’s feelings too much and now this twist!!”, “Joon Hee was really cute when they were watching soccer while Yoon Jae was embracing him from behind and Joon Hee’s heart was racing.”,”I favor this relationship! It shows the beauty of Joon Hee’s pure heart! Fighting!”

Even Though Joon Hee’s sudden confession gave many viewers shock, this is just the start of the show and Reply 1997 is sure to reveal some more twists as the drama goes on.


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